Myths Of The Origin Of Fire An Essay

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Almost every community, country, religion or culture in the world has its sacred stories or a body of myths which explains their origin as well as that of the world, values, beliefs and operating principles which are supposed to be respected.

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It is against this scope that this paper examines the Roman creation myth and how it has been reflected in the history of the Romans.

Arena (2007) posits that the Roman mythology offers two types of creation myths.

Arena further states that out that confusion, a higher force, which the Romans refer to as a god appeared and resolved the conflict (Arena, 2007).

Some of the activities that this god did included separating the heavens from the earth, parting waters to form dry land, detaching the clouds to obtain clear air and ensuring that everything was organized to form a balanced union.

Arena (2007) points out in her article that there are two major creation myths.

These are the Roman and Greek creation mythologies.Of all the gods, those with authority over others were Minerva and Jupiter.They also represented imaginations and did not have a physical appearance.Lin continues to indicate that it was until the 6 century BC that the Roman gods were given physical appearances (Lin, 2010).Since creation, the Romans have worshipped their gods throughout their history at communal and individual levels.However, the most common myth indicates that before creation of the heavens, the sea and the earth were made and whatever existed could only be described as lifeless, disorganized and shapeless matter.The myth further indicates that there were chaos everywhere and massive opposition were witnessed in instances where cold conflicted with hot, dry with wet, light with heavy and soft with hard.At the individual level, a person or a family offered prayers at home for blessings or food, while communally, groups of people would congregate for a communal celebration (James, 2004). For instance, they believed in Vesta, the goddess who protected the earth and showed honor to her by throwing small pieces of cake to the fire.Other forms of worship to the god of agriculture for massive harvest include offerings of wine and corn meal at the graves where family members are buried (James, 2004).These two men lived with their uncle after losing their parents but this did not last long since their uncle thought of killing them to assume the power their father possessed.In the conflict, Romulus survived and escaped to a new land which he named Rome (753 BC) and became its King (Helmer, 2006).


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