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These averages are reported by section: SAT scores, in general, are slowly declining over time.For example, the national average in 2006 for Critical Reading was 503—518 for Math—497 for Writing. Perhaps a decreased interest in the SAT due to its more popular rival exam, the ACT, has contributed.

After all, by looking at SAT averages and percentiles per school, you are able to get a better understanding of the "lay of the land", so to speak, in regards to the student population you hope to be a part of.

Let's take a look the SAT and its connection with elite and non-elite universities.

If you have had the opportunity to sit for a practice SAT or have taken the real thing and know your score, finding out where you line in up relationship to these percentiles can be of great use.

And while it's important to know your composite score percentile, it's also incredibly useful to know it on a section-by-section level, as well.

Regardless, if you are a high-scoring student or one with high-scoring goals, surpassing the national average is good news for you and your application.

National Average Sat Essay Score Thoreau Essay On Self Reliance

Additionally, below is a chart published by the College Board based on 2017 test results by gender: Naturally, finding out the average SAT score of students in a particular school is a phenomenal advantage when applying to undergraduate programs.After all, isn't that what optimal SAT study is for—focusing on you and your own progress? The SAT has been administered for decades now and has been the gold standard in undergraduate college readiness.When we look at SAT scores, it's important to see how they line up with particular schools.Before we get into specific schools and their SAT averages and percentiles, it's important to examine the information and data published by the College Board about national averages.The statistics below were derived from the past few years as part of the College Board's annual Profile Report.However, your SAT score is important, as well, and with all of your competition, it's important to keep in mind how admissions officers compare you to the other students.Percentiles come into play here, as they are a tool for those deciding your university fate to organize applicants.March 1, 2019 If you're studying for the SAT, more than likely your brain is filled with numbers.Oh, sure, numbers that may relate to the Math section, for sure—but also, statistics regarding your score.Below is a chart chronicling percentiles from both the EBRW and Math sections.Perhaps you have a greater percentile in one over the other?


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