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It is obvious that all of these characters are quiet interesting and complex, but their identities seem to be limited by a set number of unchanging characteristics. As a constant element, the juxtaposition of opposites is less emotional and more intellectual in its effect.From this standpoint, it is clear that Odysseus and Telemachus break this mold. There are other details of both tragedies and epics that Aristotle identifies and describes in Poetics that could be used to draw a comparison between Oedipus Rex and the Odyssey, but even more effective for such a comparison are the direct statements Aristotle makes regarding the differences between epics and tragedies.Even if he does not have prior knowledge of their powers he does not give in to temptation, he has the power to fight them even if curiosity, one of his major "faults," is the root of all his problems (he insists on hearing the Sirens call, even though to do so, he must have himself go through excruciating torments, strapped to the mast of his ship).

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Yet, another pervasive theme in mythology is that the characters rarely exhibit any evolution or are changed very little by their experiences: this is certainly the case with Achilles, Penelope, Poseidon, Athena, and Agamemnon. Retrieved Febuary 18, 2016, from desired a reversal because of the suddenness of the impact, which heightens the emotional impact of the plot.

However, keeping in mind the way in which Odysseus treated even the woman who was like a mother to him, it can be seen that this is the……

[Read More] Women in the Odyssey and King James ible The nature and role of women in Homer's "The Odyssey" and throughout the "King James ible" are much the same. Homer's Odyssey is a complex set of both personal and cultural relationships between many characters.

[Read More] Illiad and the Odyssey In what ways do the acts of the warriors on and off the battlefield serve as models of behavior for the Greeks? For we must recognize that every text is both a product of the time and place in which it was created as well as a portal to that place, a means of transport to a world marked by its particular set of values and visions.

One could contend with conviction that The Iliad appears to be celebrating war. The Odyssey was recognized by the Greeks not only as a great epic, marked by a superb literary style, but also as something far more than merely engaging tales.


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