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s where it will show that our society, our customs, seen through the eyes of a stranger may seem equally ridiculous: Persian is surprised as well that we have put a 12 year old (Louis XIV) on the throne of France, only on the basis of heredity, without considering its competence to manage a kingdom. Montaigne does not say, but there think hard: Catholics who threw thousands of Huguenots in the Seine-they were not savages? For Montaigne, the wild, it is European, intolerant, exploitative, cruel, the one who made a gladiatorial combat, a bullfight, hunting, public hanging, a show, a leisure of the slave trade, of greed and power a national sport.The French of the great age did not see this aberration because of his blindness. Montaigne testing dares to question certain aspects of official dogma.Of course, Native Americans have different codes, a moral good to them after their way of life, which may in no case enter our Christian boxes.

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Believe me, you made the man’s condition worse than that of animals. We find now this return to « authentic » in political ecology.

While Descartes wanted man Dominate nature, environmentalist morality considers that any human invention is a priori bad (GMOs car assisted reproduction, cloning, abortion) and that only nature is defensible (Bio stands for « good « in their vocabulary).

By signing the Edict of Nantes (1598), he offered France a relative religious peace, until the revocation of the Edict by Louis XIV.

Curiously, Montaigne does not address the issue of religious wars in his work.

1520 saw the first persecution of Huguenots (Protestants), which degenerated into civil war during the second half of the sixteenth until its peak in 1572 during the slaughter of St. France was barely fell religious wars that had bloodied the Kingdom. Bartholomew: thousands of Huguenots (Protestants) were thrown into the Seine by the Guise (Catholic leaders) and their accomplices.

Bartholomew desired by Queen mother was the man of one book (but what a book! He began his writing in 1571, following his voluntary retirement from public life (he was mayor of Bordeaux). , one of the few survivors of the massacre of the Huguenots, had given up Protestantism (in Montaigne’s advice) to become the good King Henry IV of France.

He showed an approach The question arises Montaigne is deceptively simple: it is the wild the one it is?

The title of the essay seems to settle the question: it names the Indians « cannibals. Montaigne shows that the term « wild », including in our vocabulary, not necessarily a pejorative connotation in his example, wild fruit would even « superior » to the fruit grown, as it is created by nature, by our Creator is good by definition.

» Separate the known world by an ocean, these creatures were clearly not descend from Adam and Eve (we did not know that humanity had a common root in Africa and that the Indians were far distant descendants of Adam and Eve (or rather Lucy), passed in America by the Bering Strait). The European man he was no longer at the World Center, the only creation of the Almighty?

Already in 1543 , in 1600, went even further by suggesting the existence of other worlds and even alien creatures.


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