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Subsequently, one of the end results of China’s one child policy is that only wealthier families are afforded the “luxury” of having more than one child.Exceptions to the rule also exist for the following categories of family: The exceptions and work arounds generally mean though, that the birth rate is China is closer to 1.8 children per family than just one-child, as the name of the policy might indicate.Additional expenses, which would typically be paid by the government for the first child, are not covered for subsequent children.

China has a long history of encouraging birth control and family planning.

However, by the late 70s, China's population was quickly approaching the 1 billion mark, and the Chinese government was forced to give serious consideration to curbing the population growth rate.

This fee is based upon a family’s disposable income the year the child was born for urban residents.

For rural peasants, the fee is based on their annual cash income.

The supposed practical result is that once a family has a baby, they generally assume their baby making days are over.

However, there are several exceptions and many ways to get around the rule.For instance, families may choose to add a second or third child, if they are willing to accept a greater financial burden for those children and the entire family.A “social fostering” fee is imposed for each additional child.At times, the government employed more draconian measures, including forced abortions and sterilizations.The one-child policy was officially discontinued in 2015 and the government attempted to replace it with a two-child policy.In conclusion, the main affects have been to control the population so resources are more evenly distributed, that girls have their pick of suitors when they reach marrying age, and that the children born since the policy was implemented are doing a better job than past generations in saving for their future.The one-child policy was a policy implemented by the Chinese government as a method of controlling the population, mandating that the vast majority of couples in the country could only have one child.This will have an impact on marriage in the country, and a number of factors surrounding marriage, for years to come.Lower numbers of females also means that there were less women of child-bearing age in China.This effort began in 1979 with mixed results, but was implemented more seriously and uniformly in 1980, as the government standardized the practice nationwide.There were, however, certain exceptions, for ethnic minorities, for those whose firstborn was handicapped, and for rural families in which the first-born was not a boy.


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