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The pictorial composition is not complete unless principles of art: proportionality, balance, rhythm shape and size are included in the composition.They marry each other artistically such that the composition is well placed on this picture frame and the whole composition flows respectively when perceived.

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She was doing everything with her right hand showing the maturation of the prefrontal cortex.

Addison’s use of her right hand is evidence lateralization, or sidedness, of the brain.

As the corpus callosum connects it allows the person to coordinate functions performed mainly by one hemisphere or the other (Berger 8th edition connecting the Brain’s hemispheres, pg. According to the text the corpus collasum grows rapidly during early childhood.

(Addison, at 5, is within in this norm (Berger 8th edition pg. Her fine motor skills were being shown off in many ways throughout my observation.

Out of these original stunning pieces of art work, painting is the finest because of special uniqueness depicted through the combination of principles and elements of art.

My favorite sample of art by Artist Bezalel Ngabo on ‘spirit of love, power and sound mind’ published on 22 December, 2012 by Framing at Stapleton Art Gallery, caught my eyes during their annual gallery exhibit in Denver, Colorado.SETTING The date of my observation was April 27th, 2010.It was about in the morning when I began my study.The paint conveys a very powerful message of spirit of love, power and sound mind to the society.Bezalel put into consideration the principles and elements of art to achieve his appreciation to the beautiful world.She is actually advanced for her age because according to (Berger 8th edition pg.232 table 8.1) bit says the approximate age is 6 when a child will draw and paint with preferred hand.Color comes in to give the pictorial composition of life; a notion of reality in comparison to nature.Art work becomes appealing when value and light are applied.The child ratio was 2 teachers to about every 8 children. As I entered there was one large room that almost looked as if it could be two rooms they way it was set up.One half consisted of a large bookshelf with numerous books on it with a couch in the front of it.


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