Pay Someone To Write A History Essay

I would have been impressed, were it not for the fact that it’s bad. Like, worse than an essay entirely made up of Pitbull lyrics.

Click the link to read it in all its glory, in all its utter shiteness.

I also stated that it must be undergraduate level and quote at least ten sources.

I gave them a deadline of ten days and paid extra for the 24/7 writer support, costing me a grand total of £64.63.

I was told they could definitely help with my needs.

Yet, before I shelled out any of my hard earned student debt, I needed more information.So, to be clear, I would be doing most of the groundwork on this. I was told they could "guarantee the paper will be in best quality". I asked them whether they were good enough to go undetected.I'm a student guys, God, why would you make me do work? "You’re already a better friend than some of my real friends", I said. "I guarantee you that it will not happen", they told me. How could I pass off my socially awkward personality as one belonging to a student with enough balls to buy an essay and pretend it's their own? Given that the company has a uk website, the call came from an American number (other reports suggest that calls have come from Australian numbers).You pay per 275 words, with prices fluctuating based on variables such as the type of work and whether you're undergraduate or masters, they'll even write your whole dissertation for you, depending on how fucking done you are with university.There are even 'premium' services, an academic ‘Taste the Difference’ range, I presume, where you can pay for add-on extras such as 24/7 support, allowing you to contact the writer in charge of creating your masterpiece."Being a student isn’t just about passing your course, although that, naturally, is your main objective.Being a student is also about preparation for your future career and future life.Mary had guaranteed a quality piece of work, it should've been written by someone with at least an MA degree, so what did they have to say for themselves? Their terms state that you must claim a refund within three days of the completion of your order. So here I am, I, a BA Literature student at a polytechnic university, a man who once spent €23 on Pick’n’Mix in France, had been scammed again. "I apologise for the inconvenience", they replied, "But kindly be advised that we definitely do not guarantee a good grade on our website as it would be a subjective matter by your professor". It's a disaster film starring Dwayne ' The Rock' Johnson. I’d wasted my money, a lady in an undetermined location had lied to me, and I’d annoyed the man in charge of marking my dissertation. It would also need to talk about feminist literary theory relating to the texts, historical context, and use credible and academic sources.It would need an introduction and a conclusion to start and end the essay, and a list of sources at the end.


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