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The situation gets even worse when the oppressed accept this reality and adapt to it without questioning or even attempting to change it.

The situation gets even worse when the oppressed accept this reality and adapt to it without questioning or even attempting to change it.

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Freire endeavors that the individual, through systematic study, also learn to fight for the end of oppression and for constructive criticism of the status quo.

Freire's proposed method implies two distinct and sequential moments: the first involves becoming conscious of the reality that the individual lives as an oppressed being subject to the decisions that the oppressors impose; the second refers to the initiative of the oppressed to fight and emancipate themselves from the oppressors.

The concrete reality of oppression and the oppressed.

The dichotomy of oppressors and oppressed - and how to move beyond it.

When the individual does not fight for his interests and for cultural and social emancipation, it seems that he has lost his love of life.

Such is the necrophilia of the situation that has prevailed, reproduced by the type of education that is imparted in the schools.This bank concept of education attempts to transform the minds of individuals so that they will adapt better to actual situations and be dominated by them with greater ease.The more passive people are, the more they will adapt, the more their creativity will diminish and their naiveté increase, which creates the conditions necessary for the oppressors to emerge as generous benefactors.The subject should build his reality from the circumstances that give rise to the daily events of his life.The texts that the individual creates permit him to reflect upon and analyse the world in which he lives - not in an effort to adapt himself to this world, but rather as part of an effort to reform it and to make it conform to his historical demands.Freire puts forth a pedagogy in which the individual learns to cultivate his own growth through situations from his daily life that provide useful learning experiences.This is not a pedagogy for the oppressed; it is rather a pedagogy of the oppressed.The efforts of the oppressed become focused and concrete through the type of learning that school really should give them, instead of encouraging them to adapt to their reality, as the oppressors themselves do.In the relationships they establish, the oppressed appear to be the instigators of violence, even when the conditions and events that they have experienced up to that point incite them to try to modify their status.Nevertheless, in the eyes of the oppressors, such fights are canonised as unnecessary violence or utopian dreams, and not as the ideas of a revolutionary who is known for the ideological commitment that he establishes with his peers, rather than for the battles he carries out.Although the reality of the oppressed is not the will of God, although He is not responsible for the oppressive situation, in a society without conscience such situations are presented as normal.


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