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high scientific and pedagogic quality, a thesis should also be accessible to the reader.At best, it should be enjoyable to read – like a well written novel. We asked Sophie Viaene and Ferry Nugroho, who wrote the best doctoral theses at the Department of Physics at Chalmers in 2018.The taxonomic group of Insects is highly successful and makes up three quarters of all animal species on earth.

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A letter from the Head of Department plus certificate and £250 prize will follow.

External Awards The table below summarises a selection of external awards which graduate students from our Department may be eligible for: In some cases, it is not clear if the Awards are still being given and enquiries have been made regarding this.

The award ceremony took place during the yearly Entomology Day of the Netherlands Entomological Society (NEV) in Ede.

The jury appreciated the broad scope of the experimental approach, from developmental genetics to ecology and the jury praised the engaging writing style.

I am very proud of her,” says Sophie Viaene’s supervisor Philippe Tassin, Associate Professor at Department of Physics at Chalmers. To be highlighted among the many exciting physics projects at Chalmers by an independent panel of physics professors is something that I am very proud of, " says Sophie Viaene.

“I think that my thesis was appreciated because it combines ideas from quite a few scientific disciplines.It took several approximations, some clever analytics, quite a lot of numerics, and a year and a half of dedication, to find out exactly how metamaterials change the notion of space and time.”“Professor Uri Alon has a TED talk that nicely captures what I think is the best part of doing a Ph D.He explains that doing science is similar to making a journey, starting from a known point A and planning to go to point B.A second reason why I think that my thesis stood out is because of how I have visualized and communicated the research in the form of a monograph.I did enjoy the process, because it allowed putting things into context and visualizing the research in a way that is different from the research papers.”“The coolest and hardest question we were trying to answer is whether metamaterials can behave as artificial black hole analogues.“Science Explained” funds scientific projects or projects that encourage popularization of science.Chris Jacobs is currently appointed as Postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany.Students with any suggestions as to other awards which our graduates can apply for should e-mail Alice Wood with the details/link and this will then be added to our pages.*Students do not need to apply to be considered for one of these Awards: this will be automatic from 1st January 2017, unless the student does not wish to be considered, in which case they should e-mail our Graduate Student Co-ordinator and ask not to be.This extra protection makes the eggs much more robust and gives them and advantage over Crustaceans, the closest relatives of the insects, which do not have such a membrane.Jacobs will invest the prize money in the foundation " Science Explained”, which he started earlier this year.


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