Piggery Farming Business Plan

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Cooling mechanisms for pigs can come in the form of drip water system or a wallow (for a hog pen).

Pigs can be housed indoors in individual stalls, pens (in groups or batch) or in barns.

With less effort and investment, one can start a commercial piggery for profits.

In addition, the business is perfect for the women entrepreneurs also. In starting the business, you must craft a business plan for your piggery.

Corn is their most common food, but they could benefit from having a diet with protein from soybeans or cooked meat.

Further, they grow faster with vitamins and other supplements.The business ensures a higher return to the farmers.However, you must have some land area or backyard space for raising pigs.They could be sold at livestock auctions or slaughtered for meat.The pig industry is characterized by farms having 2 – 5 sows weaning 1-2 small litters yearly.Starting piggery is a very much profitable livestock business.Among the various livestock species, piggery is the most potent source for meat production and pigs are more efficient feed converters after the broiler.When buying a feeder, choose the large and healthy looking ones, at least 25 lbs.If you are choosing a male, which is observed to grow slightly faster than females, get one that is already castrated. Ask the breeder for health information and stock of the breeder.This low productivity may be attributed to any of the following: · A short sow productive life (sow culled early due to poor productivity).· Generally, poor sow nutrition especially during the gestation and lactation periods.


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