Pope An Essay On Man Criticism

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Since the most ancient times, a man was interested in his place in this world.His understanding of the world changed, and the boundaries of the subjective world expanded.However, this is impossible, since a person does not exist by itself, but only as part of a larger whole, which is outside the reach of any living being.

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Philosophers of that time rejected the ideas of the Middle Ages and Renaissance by establishing their own points of view. The author synthesized the key ideas and thoughts of the eighteenth-century greatest minds.

He did an enormous work and was highly praised and criticized as well.

But this is an attainment of eternal life given by God, which specifies the path of a soul to heaven and its settlement in the heavenly courts.

The wish to have what is not designed for us can only make us unhappy and frustrated.

But being imperfect, we nevertheless are suitable for this ideal system.

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Section 3 describes another important issue – that the happiest is a person who is completely ignorant of his or her future.

At the bottom of the chain is earth and minerals followed by various plants and animals. Then go the subgroup of domestic animals are and after them – birds, fish, and insects.

A human is above all of them, but inferior to angels.

If any of spices dies out, it leads to fatal consequences on the whole system.

If the established order of subordination is changed, the destruction is inevitable since everything has its most suitable place.


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