Poverty In Bangladesh Essay

Poverty In Bangladesh Essay-10
The dominant factors influencing poverty, as revealed by a study (UNESCO 2014, par 3), are social structure and culture.

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ICS volunteers also work with community volunteers and national volunteers in youth clubs raising awareness on topics such as sexual and reproductive health rights, health and hygiene and child marriage.

If you are a Bangladesh national interested in volunteering with ICS please contact our local office by email: VSO Bangladesh team UK nationals interested in youth volunteering can apply on the ICS website.

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Introduction Over the years, poverty has been an immense problem globally and finding effective and efficient methods to overcome this situation has become a major concern for many poor countries.This program was aimed at the provision of accessible microcredit and micro financing schemes for the poor to elevate and mitigate wide ranging issues: income, women empowerment, and regional economic cooperation as a response to the ill-beings of poverty.Poverty has been a major global issue because it threatens every man’s right for life and self-determination leading individuals and organisations to seek for better ways to reduce its incidence.According to the United Nations, the UN Millennium Development Goals as introduced in the year 2000, made an astonishing impact especially in fighting high rate of poverty incidence worldwide.As of 2010, 700 million people were reported to have passed the line to live outside of the extreme level of poverty than in 1990 (UN 2014, 4).All the best, Simon Brown, Country Director Volunteer Liz Hunt, an employee of Syngenta, discusses her role supporting VSO's 'Growing Together' programme - working to increase the skills and abilities of 10,000 small-scale rice, potato and vegetable farmers in the Rangpur and Dinajpur districts of north western Bangladesh.Vix is a Team Leader in Bangladesh with our International Citizen Service (ICS) youth volunteering programme.In addition, a short discussion is taken on the issue of the possible pitfalls of replicating the bank’s popular introduction of the micro-credit program in Bangladesh to other poor countries.Grameen Bank and the impact of microcredit Despite the fact there are no precise standard courses of action for measuring poverty, the term, as defined by the United Nations (UN), has two concepts: absolute and relative (UNESCO 2014, par. Absolute poverty embraces the idea of measuring poverty in relation to the amount of resources needed to supply basic living needs for all individuals.Lending through joint liability characterises the release of loan borrowings by groups rather than individually with expressed acceptance of the liabilities for the loans of fellow members (Ahlin 2007, 2).Collection-wise, requiring each member to be jointly liable for each other’s debt is a viable option as it will lessen the likelihood that loans will become uncollectible.


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