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In your view, should the schools block access to certain Internet Web sites?Many communities are considering adopting curfews for high school students.The school board would like to encourage more high school students to take elective courses and is considering two proposals.

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The other proposal is to offer elective courses in the summer.

Write a letter to the school board in which you argue for lengthening the school day or for offering elective courses during the summer.

Explain why you think your choice will encourage more students to take elective courses.

Begin your letter: “Dear School Board:” The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all school libraries receiving certain federal funds to install and use blocking software to prevent students from viewing material considered “harmful to minors.” However, some studies conclude that blocking software in schools damages educational opportunities for students, both by blocking access to Web pages that are directly related to the state-mandated curriculums and by restricting broader inquiries of both students and teachers.

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Wondering just how much do the dust dish essay rating. You can find excerpts from our essay that is act on.With the many technological advances that have been made within the last decade, many school districts are considering how they can better incorporate these new technologies into the classroom.Most recently, districts have been promoting the use of i Pads by both students and teachers.Ct writing guidelines, available only at essay rating an essay prompts of the real essay that is sat the act:. Sample essay prompts and parents have motivated the work composing sample essay prompt connected with recommendations, technology can practice for with an essay. Write a unified, practice writing prompts and a blueprint for the work?Writing test time and much more in a essay reactions and effect prompt? Begin studying act composing: ssat essay composing prompt comes directly from our work? Some teachers and parents support a dress code because they think it will improve the learning environment in the school.Other teachers and parents do not support a dress code because they believe it inhibits a student's individual expression.Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.Time Limit: 30 minutes Other ACT Writing Prompts: ACT Practice Test 1 ACT Practice Test 2 ACT Practice Test 3 ACT Practice Test 4 ACT Practice Test 5 ACT Practice Test 6 ACT Practice Test 7 ACT Practice Test 9 ACT Practice Test 10 more…In your opinion, should high schools adopt dress codes for students?A school board is concerned that the state’s requirements for core courses in mathematics, English, science, and social studies may prevent students from taking important elective courses like music, other languages, and vocational education.


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