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Printing also believes that these efficiencies, incorporated with lower overhead costs due to the online nature and automation, will allow the company to be more cost effective than traditional printing alternatives.Furthermore, the cost of printing will be greatly reduced by using the offshore printing press affiliate, Creative Designs and Printers.All services provided by Printing (business stationery products, website designers, and graphic art designs) originate overseases; when necessary, a United States-based team will provide assistance.

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By automating and enhancing the print order process and electronically connecting our online printing services to carefully-selected commercial print vendors, it is believed, based on experience in the printing industry, that the company will significantly reduce the costs and inefficiencies associated with the traditional printing process.

Our online print services are designed to be more convenient and cost-effective than printing alternatives provided through traditional print channels.

Customers will also be able to have website designers create effective websites for their company.

Customers will choose from either a template or a customized website, whichever suits their business needs.

An online print shop faces challenges that other electronic commerce vendors do not face.

Printing will design its online print shop to address the challenges of selling custom printed products and to handle potentially large volume orders.By automating the print order process and connecting online print services to carefully selected commercial print vendors, it is believed that the costs of printing will be significantly reduced.Printing will offer printing, website and graphic art design at affordable prices.Through the online print shop, Printing will offer consumers a single location to satisfy the majority of their printing needs.The company will develop a user-friendly website for obtaining professional quality, mass-market printed products.Printing' products and services will address the need for assisting customers in obtaining their business stationery, graphic art designs and websites at more affordable prices than are currently being offered.The company's product selection will not need a high initial investment.The computer software architecture of Printing, the related websites, and the design/order processing technologies integrate high-performance and proprietary software modules with technology that is licensed from third parties.Printing believes that, with our technology expertise, we will be able to address these challenges while also handling large numbers of customer design sessions and orders. The software that supports the online print shop is a collection of integrated software modules that will enable Printing to quickly create, maintain, modify, or replace individual components.They will be able to view their selections online and make modifications at any time; customers will have access to service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Most importantly, Printing will provide our customers exactly what they want or there will be no charge.


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