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You use a rational approach to determine what the problem is.The questions you might ask include: For example, the apprentice you supervise comes to you saying that the electric warming oven is not working properly.If an organisation employs people who are adept at solving problems at all levels, it reduces the need for complex chains of command or lessens demand on managers' time.

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Sometimes really silly ideas can contain the germ of a superb solution.

Too often, people move too quickly into making a choice without really considering all of the options.

They go with their emotions or a gut feeling about the right approach.

There are six steps in the process: To solve a problem, you must first determine what the problem actually is.

Consider the following factors: Some individuals and groups avoid making decisions. By postponing a decision, you may eliminate a number of options and alternatives. In some cases, a problem can escalate if it is not dealt with promptly.

For example, if you do not handle customer complaints promptly, the customer is likely to become even more annoyed.

Analytical skills are perhaps becoming increasingly important; we are all bombarded with huge amounts of information every day.

Being able to quickly yet comprehensively identify and evaluate the most important or relevant information for the organisation or your specific job role will be an increasingly useful skill.

Problem solving and decision making belong together. They may have highly creative ways to address the problem, but cannot explain why they have chosen this approach.

You cannot solve a problem without making a decision. The most effective method uses both rational and intuitive or creative approaches.


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