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Let them know how the steps should happen and whether or not anything can happen simultaneously.As you plan the schedule, multiply the time you think it will take by 1.5.

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Based on this answer, you may need to provide more background information or details.

On the other hand, you may be able to skip this part and focus on the solution to the problem instead.

As previously stated, it’s important to capture your reader’s attention from the beginning.

Your introduction should do two things: engage the reader, and set yourself up as a credible source.

On top of hooking the reader, you need to provide background information on the topic.

Remember that you should consider your audience as you determine how much background information is necessary.

Research is one of the best ways to build your credibility on the topic.

It also helps you prove that there is a problem and you have the best solution for it.

In the next section, you need to define the problem. Address the cause of the problem and the side effects that have occurred because of it.

Most importantly, don’t forget to discuss why this is a problem worth addressing. Discuss the problem using your own experience; however, don’t forget to include the facts and figures that you found during your research.


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