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When you're looking at colleges, look for a school that is a good fit academically, socially, and financially.Did you know that Purdue was named a Best Value University by @The Princeton Rev and is the #1 Best Value School in the State of Indiana (@Forbes)?Mecze z Mineralnymi zawsze cieszą się sporym zainteresowaniem kibiców ze względu na nieustępliwość i klasę rywali.

#Only Purdue pic.twitter.com/y Eu1Lv6by0 Wondering what some of our counselors would do if they visited campus?

To aid students in their adjustment to Purdue, freshmen have the option of enrolling in a learning community.

The learning communities are made up of a group of first-year students who share two or three courses or a group of students who share an academic interest and live in the same dormitory.

#Only Purdue pic.twitter.com/o9Ohs KZEKA 📚Pop Quiz! We're celebrating: A) The return of @Boiler Football B) Purdue University being ranked the #1 Public University in Indiana by @Niche Social (bit.ly/Niche Ranking) C) All of the above (Always pick C) pic.twitter.com/2es0OPQXSe Pro tip: if you're visiting us this fall, customize your day on campus! Join us for joint info sessions with @gtadmission, @Olin Admission, and @harveymudd. pic.twitter.com/T2h CLyci Wt Purdue might be home to 25 astronaut alumni, but only one is at the helm of space tourism. Can't wait for the @purduesports season to start!

Eat in a dining court, meet with an academic college, or attend an event to get the best feel for life as a Boilermaker. 👩‍🚀 Meet Beth Moses, and learn how @Purdue Engineers prepared her for an out-of-this-world job! #Boiler Up pic.twitter.com/m JDms CLJVq Start packing because @Res Life At Purdue move-in is less than 3 weeks away!


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