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Benjamin Britten and numerous film composers (Jerry Goldsmith, etc.) owe a lot to him.He created a truly contemporary idiom whose roots reached back to Tudor times and folk music.

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Each movement represents a different planet in our solar system.

Since The Planets is a work based on astrology, the Earth is ignored in the movements.

The ancient Greek philosophers, whatever their intellectual attitudes towards astrology may have been, were certainly not ignorant of astrological teachings and ideas.

It was they, after all who put forward the idea of the "Music of the Spheres", the idea that these vast objects twirling around and whirling through space, must have hummed a tone as they went along their courses, much as a ball spun on a string will whistle.

It should also be noted that this piece was also written before Pluto was discovered, thus it only contains seven movements.

The first movement, Mars, the Bringer of War emphasizes bass and low brass using an unusual 5/4 rhythm.His hearing was damaged by gunfire and bombardment, and as a result he became profoundly deaf.In 1921, The Lark Ascending (which he had composed in 1914) was premiered, and in 1922 Sir Adrian Boult conducted the first performance of VW's third symphony, The Pastoral, which drew on his experiences in the battlefields of France, as well, perhaps, as harking back to his childhood on Leith Hill.After his father's death, in 1875, his mother brought him to Leith Hill Place, in the Surrey Hills near Dorking, which belonged to her family, the Wedgwoods, of pottery fame.....Anyway, VW was taught piano, and violin, attended Charterhouse School and the Royal School of Music and then read History and Music at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he became acquainted with members of the Bloomsbury Group.A 1992-1993 recipient of a Fulbright scholarship, he studied for a year in London. "'Roll Over Vaughn [sic] Williams': Richard Thompson and the Predicament of "Electric Folk," presented at the Fourth Biennial Conference of the North American British Music Studies Association, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, July 2010 "Vaughan Williams and German Romantic Aesthetics," presented at, one-day conference, The Graduate Center of The City University of New York, November 2008 "Folksong, English Hymnody, and Bach's Chorales: Ralph Vaughan Williams and 'the Greatest of All Musicians,'" presented at the Second Biennial Conference of the North American British Music Studies Association, St.Gustav Holst Music derived from astrology is surprisingly rare.In 1905, Holst was chosen as the Director of Music at the St.Paul's Girl's School in Hammersmith, just west of London, which he did for almost of the rest of his life.He studied music history with Robert Bailey, Edward Roesner and Ernest Sanders; jazz with Lewis Porter; and ethnomusicology with Kay Kaufman Shelemay and James Cowdery. Before coming to West Chester, he taught at Williams College, New York University, St.He has lectured on Ralph Vaughan Williams' folksong collecting and hymn-tune arrangements and his essays have appeared in. Francis University (Pa.), and in the Pennsylvania State University system.


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