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So let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of successful cover letters.Cover letter template from the Smart and Professional Premium Pack Header section: This one should take approximately 1/5 of your page and include your name and current position, e.g. You can also add your headshot at the top left corner if you prefer (as an example above) to make your letter more personal.

Use the space to explain what makes you the perfect match for the announced position: with a bang.

Formal closure: Bade your goodbyes with a “Kind regards, [Your Name Surname] ”.

Tapping into this cloaked area of job search means that you won’t rub with as many elbows as when applying for publicly advertised openings.

And here are your tips for finding those hidden opportunities: Here’s a sample speculative cover letter you can file along with your application.

Most startups or creative agencies will find the standard cover letter a tad bit too snotty and personality-less. If you browsed Saa S Company website or read Cool Company blog the other day, that was all me, watching you from the other side of the screen. Cover Letter Example for Teachers [View cover letter]No matter which format you choose to use, it’s alright to be flexible.

Even the traditional companies have a soft spot for unusual applications. I know how to find the words that will stop your customers right there on the spot, make them scroll back, rub their eye…and reach for their credit card. I also did some okay writing for the following companies: And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I also talk – to your customers, your team and (sometimes in my sleep) – to capture that “special something” that makes everyone tick about your product. Shall we talk about how I can help your brand develop that new unique voice and drive more sales through data-backed copy? Don’t follow the same structure or layout to the last T.You can make the last statement more attention-grabbing to entice the recipient to read on.Body of your letter: This can take up to 2-3 paragraphs.List your contact information just under your name and title. Add a date and type the full address of your employer in the following format: To Name Title Company Address City, State Zip Code This should be single-spaced and left justified.If you don’t know the full employer’s information, you can skip this.Depending on the company/industry, such letters can vary in the degree of formality.This sample cover letter is modeled for a modern tech company.Though if you are applying to some hip, modern company you can replace the old-fashioned “dear”, with a simple “Good day” or “Hello” or just “[Name Surname]” combo.Opening paragraph: This one’s pretty standard as well: state what position you are applying for, how you heard about the opening and why you are a solid candidate.Dear Reader, I’m very excited to show you how to write a compelling cover letter.The one that can help your personality shine through while, communicating your skills, educational background and all the important achievements in just one page.


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