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These are sections where you are likely to find info about purpose and main point: 4: Skim for the article’s organization or “architecture” Before you read the text from beginning to end, skim it to get a sense of its organization or “architecture.” Doing this gives you a mental map that helps you see the different parts of the article and how they function in the overall argument.

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Feminist Practices: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Women in Architecture, Editor. The circulation period is one week, however, the loan period can be adjusted.

Art & Architecture e Portal The Art and Architecture Portal provides access to art and architecture works including images, made available for free as a one year pilot through Yale University Press, and funded by The Andrew W. It provides among many things electronic access to out of print and backlist titles from the Press.

The aim of this thesis is the study of songs teaching marches-strategies in organized activities in kindergarten.

The study based on both literature review highlighting strategies and marches of singing for preschoolers, as well as fieldwork qualitative research with non-participatory observation and interview.

The purpose of the study was to update previous meta‐analytic findings on the effectiveness of using similarities and differences as an instructional strategy.

The strategy includes facilitating student comparison, classification, use of...

3: Skim strategically to identify the main argument or idea in the text Before you read the text from beginning to end, skim it strategically to locate the author’s main purpose and argument.

Having the author’s purpose and main argument in mind can help you read and interpret the rest of the text.

Decorative Games: Ornament, Rhetoric, and Noble Culture in the Work of Gilles Marie Oppenord (1672-1742). Formerly Urban: Projecting Rust Belt Futures, Editor. Building Culture: Ernst May and the New Frankfurt Initiative, 1926-1931. Nothing Less Than Literal: Architecture after Minimalism. Making Leisure Work: Architecture and the Experience Economy.​ Mac Namara, Sinead. Architecture as Metaphor: Language, Number, Money, Editor. Syracuse University Architecture Pinterest This is a list of new architecture books.

Ornements: XVe-XIXe siècles: Chefs-d'oeuvre de la Bibliothèque de l' INHA, Collections Jacques Doucet. Contested Space: Abortion Clinics, Women's Shelters and Hospitals: Politicizing the Female Body. Landscape Infrastructure: Case Studies by SWA, Contributor. These titles are housed in the King King Architecture Library for one month and available for circulation.


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