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But there is a difference in the way we now use cultural relativism as opposed to what Boas thought about. Here enters another figure in history of anthropology, his name was E. Evan-Pritchard, being a British and living in the heyday of empire, thought of this problem differently.

But the attack on cultural relativism isn’t a new or a recent phenomenon.

Here is a quote from a Brietbart’s piece from 2010, “If there is no objective truth as the Sophists argue, then how can the statement that there is no objective truth be true?

198 A History of Anthropological Theory [Fourth Edition]).

The origins of the term are unclear, but its most popular reference was first made by an anthropologist, Franz Boas.

There have been large tomes published about post-modernism!

But I will broadly define the term: ‘Pertaining to postmodernism, the intellectual stance that experience is subjective and no one version of it can be authoritative.’ (p.

It is important to remember that the left-leaning political movements and their philosophical influence was felt far and wide in the 1980s.

Cultural relativism gained much wider acceptance in the 1980s with the rise of postmodern theories.

A variety of factors shape culture and these different factors are reflected in the differences between various cultures.

Historically, psychology has been dominated by white, middle-class American males, who have monopolised both as researchers and participants.


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