Research Papers On Primary Education

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Literature related to the variables under study were reviewed accordingly.

Ex-post facto research design was adopted for the study.

SC) (also know as Integrated Science (ITS) in the junior secondary Schools ITS)in the primary schools, Problems and Prospects: A Case Study of Some Selected Primary School in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State”.

The objective/purpose is to determine how the teaching of Integrated Science has feature in the school curriculum as the case may be.

Aremu (2000) stresses that academic failure is not only frustrating to the pupils and the parents, its effects are equally grave on the society in t...

INTRODUCTIONPrimary education is the foundation a child requires in his or her educational pursuit. Every single actor in the educational sector needs to be equipped by solid competence about her/his area of professional practice. Dear IEJEE Readers, Education and teaching-learning issues are among the topics on the agenda in many countries. Educational decisions need research-based knowledge. Different socio-cultural contexts need different approaches. However, the need for research-based knowledge is not different.ABSTRACTThe aim of this study is to trace the history and development of Lagooz College, Orile Agege, Lagos State from 2005 to 2011, in order to justify its existence since its establishment in 2005.This project also reveals their short comings and thereby make recommendations where necessary for future development. In chapter one of this study, the researcher discussed into details, the geographical and historical background of the town, where th...Kolb PDF The Effects of Coding Integration on Student Engagement and Academic Achievement in a 5th Grade Mathematics Class, Sinead Meehan PDF You Don’t Need to Speak to be Heard: The Effects of Using American Sign Language with Hearing Lower Elementary Montessori Children, Rachel A. Wolfe PDF The Effects of Implementing Montessori at Home on Children’s Independence and Self-Regulation in a Montessori Classroom, Betty Namuddu, Emily Vance, and Victoria Litton PDF Physical Activity Improving Executive Functioning Behaviors in Montessori Children Ages 3-12, Melissa Patten and Amanda Bodden PDF Building Bridges: Using Community-Based Participatory Action Research to Examine Communication Between Somali Families and Teachers at a Suburban School in Minnesota, Ashley Quien PDF The Effect of Guided Reading on Student’s Academic Achievement in First-Grade Classrooms, Mandy Sioringas and Nola Steier PDF The Effects of Digital Games on Engagement and Motivation, Jamie L.Skala PDF Effects of Mentorship on Empathy Development and Civility in an Upper School Community, Cassella M. Timmer PDF Confidence and Common Challenges: The Effects of Teaching Computational Thinking to Students Ages 10-16, Chris Belanger, Hannah Christenson, and Kathleen Lopac PDF The Effects of Teaching Nonfiction Text Structure Reading Strategies and Thinking Maps on Writing Quality in Sixth-Grade ELA and Science Students, Kyle Bracchi and Stephan Grand Pre PDF What Effects Will Collaborative Art Have on Social Cohesion?The quality of primary education a child get would determine his performance in secondary school as well as tertiary level.It will equally affect his or her life after school.They often only see the leader as a person who is the boss, someone who is in charge, or first.In school, many children have the desire to be the ‘line leader’ or the individual who stands in the capacity of the teacher and writes names whe...


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