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Students who elect to complete a graduate thesis or are required to do a graduate thesis or doctoral dissertation will find the process is a major undertaking in their academic journey.Graduate students will invest significant time and energy in preparing primary and secondary research that will add to the body of knowledge of their fields of study producing a project of significant original material.

Please check with your academic program before submitting an embargo request.

Our office is located on the Fairfax campus, in 2005 Fenwick Library. Copyright Law (including fair and legal use of quotes, graphics, and photos, and your own rights as a creator of a thesis or dissertation), please contact the Mason Publishing Office of University Libraries.

Your thesis or dissertation still has to go through a format review; you still have to have a submission consultation; and you still have to turn in your final document, along with all necessary paperwork, by the above date.

The final requirement in earning a graduate degree is the completion and defense of the master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.

You can view our upcoming availability at the Fairfax campus and make an appointment through Lib Cal. The Registrar at George Mason University is an excellent resource for many of your questions.

You can access information about the following: This resource is especially important, because you need to be aware of Final Submission deadlines for each semester. on Friday, July 31 Turning in your thesis, dissertation, or project to UDTS is just one element of the entire process you must complete in order to graduate.

Instructors and administrators will review at several stages in order to ensure that the students have proven their ability to succeed in an academically challenging situation of this scope.

Graduate Thesis & Dissertation General Guidelines The general guidelines are used by all students regardless of their program of study.

Furthermore, no one in UDTS or the library can manipulate the La Te X code.

If you choose to create your thesis or dissertation using La Te X, we can check the final product, in its PDF form, but we cannot manipulate the code at all.


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