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Crusoe departs for Lisbon to reclaim the profits of his estate in Brazil, which has granted him much wealth.

Crusoe departs for Lisbon to reclaim the profits of his estate in Brazil, which has granted him much wealth.

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Selkirk was rescued in 1709 by Woodes Rogers during an English expedition that led to the publication of Selkirk's adventures in both A Voyage to the South Sea, and Round the World and A Cruising Voyage Around the World in 1712.

According to Tim Severin, "Daniel Defoe, a secretive man, neither confirmed or denied that Selkirk was the model for the hero of his book.

Friday accompanies him and, en route, they endure one last adventure together as they fight off famished wolves while crossing the Pyrenees.

There were many stories of real-life castaways in Defoe's time, most famous, Defoe's suspected inspiration for Robinson Crusoe is thought to be from Scottish sailor, Alexander Selkirk, who spent four years on the uninhabited island of Más a Tierra (renamed Robinson Crusoe Island in 1966) in the Juan Fernández Islands off the Chilean coast.

After more natives arrive to partake in a cannibal feast, Crusoe and Friday kill most of the natives and save two prisoners.

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One is Friday's father and the other is a Spaniard, who informs Crusoe about other Spaniards shipwrecked on the mainland.

Apparently written in six months or less, Robinson Crusoe was a publishing phenomenon.

The author of Crusoe's Island, Andrew Lambert states, "the ideas that a single, real Crusoe is a 'false premise' because Crusoe's story is a complex compound of all the other buccaneer survival stories." However, Robinson Crusoe is far from a copy of Rogers' account: Becky Little argues three events that distinguish the two stories.

Overcoming his despair, he fetches arms, tools and other supplies from the ship before it breaks apart and sinks.

He builds a fenced-in habitat near a cave which he excavates.


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