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Yet most people achieve superiority in nothing because they fail to identify and develop their greatest attribute.

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Most courses will require timed writing of various lengths for tests, midterms, and finals. But if you’ve prepared your students well and given them lots of experience practicing against the clock, the process will become more intuitive and they’ll be able to tackle timed essays with courage.

High schoolers need to know how to plan, organize, and write a solid essay.

All people who have achieved greatness in something knew what they excelled at.

These people identified the skills that made them special—good judgment, or courage, or a special artistic or literary talent—and focused on developing these skills.

Identity means having ideas and values that one lives by.

Adapted from Thomas Merton, Is identity something people are born with or given, or is it something people create for themselves?Is there a list of generic literature/historical/other examples you can adapt for a variety of prompts?For example, MLK - courage, sacrifice Ghandi - courage, sacrifice, standing up, etc Catcher in the Rye - Frustration, change, immaturity Stem cell research - two sides to an issue, practicality vs.Essay questions include “key words” that give clues about the kind of writing that’s expected.Here are three common essay types and sample key words to watch for: Timed writing can make students feel rushed.Identity is much more than the name or features one is born with.True identity is something people must create for themselves by making choices that are significant and that require a courageous commitment in the face of challenges.Having many admirers is one way to become a celebrity, but it is not the way to become a hero. Yet in our daily lives we see no difference between "celebrities" and "heroes." For this reason, we deprive ourselves of real role models.We should admire heroes—people who are famous because they are great—but not celebrities—people who simply seem great because they are famous.If in their haste they misread key words, they may not answer the prompt correctly—which will seriously impact their grade.While the new SAT essay provides students with informational passages to read, an in-class timed essay will require them to know the material in advance.


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