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A good scientific author will have given consideration to the following choices in writing, making decisions that improve the effectiveness of the writing.To make your writing clear, accurate and concise you should consider carefully the words that you use, and the ways in which you use them.

You may be able to reduce your sentence length by: If a breakdown occurs it is important that alternative supplies are available and the way that this is done is for the power stations to be linked through the high voltage transmission lines so that all of them contribute to the total supply of energy and an unexpectedly large demand can be handled.

If you require further help in the development of your writing, please contact Learning Development in the David Wilson Library.

Writing an Argumentative Science Essay These resources have been designed to help teach students how to write a well-structured argumentative science essay (approximately 1,250 words) over the course of a term.

Scientific writers often try to avoid the use of personal expressions or statements in order to make their writing seem more impartial and formal.

The following sentence has been written with both personal and impersonal expressions to highlight the contrast between the two writing styles.


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