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If you are having an Internet problem, for example if there is "connection failure" or a little exclamation in a triangle next to Inbox when reading mail, or the web browser displays a "can't connect" message: If an application will not respond, won't drop its menus, or you can't quit it, try holding down Command and Option and hitting ESC. Killing an application this way will lose all its unsaved changes.It is a good idea to get in the habit of doing a Save often, especially if you are having problems with apps like Microsoft Word.

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If your computer is completely frozen and won't restart, hold down the power switch for 10 seconds to force a crash (this loses unsaved work).

If your computer crashes every time you start it, try to restart it in safe mode. Keep holding down the shift key until the desktop is displayed.

Put the machine to sleep and wake it, and do a restart, before resetting the SMC. For a Mini, you unplug all peripherals and the power, then hold the power button for 10 seconds. Older Power PC Macs have a Power Management Unit (PMU) instead, and the reset procedure is different.

Use Google to find procedures for your machine model.

I had to do this when my Mac Book Pro wouldn't display anything after it woke from sleep.

After you zap the PRAM, the machine will forget how loud you had set the system sounds.Rarely, it will happen that the hardware's Parameter RAM (PRAM) is corrupted.This little bit of memory holds a few values used by the OS while the machine is off. (This may not work form a wireless keyboard.) The computer should chime, then chime again.Hardware problems are very rare, but when they happen, your computer may behave inconsistently and fail in strange ways.It may be a good idea to rule out failing hardware by running the diagnostic programs that came with the machine.Boot the computer from the install disc while holding down the C key, and instead of installing the operating system, choose .If this process finds and fixes problems, then something bad happened in the past: your hard drive may be getting ready to fail, so do a backup."Built-in Ethernet is currently active and has the IP address [see list of IPs below]" Possible causes: Should have a live connection. If the customer still cannot access the internet, there may be a proxy server, manually entered DNS address or a 3 party firewall. Try visiting the registration page appears, register the computer). (You may need a wired mouse instead of a wireless mouse.) Click the button to run the tests.If it says you have a problem, WRITE DOWN exactly what the diagnostic message was. If you suspect that you have a memory problem, you may want to download and run called Rember that you can download.


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