Short Essay On History Of Zero

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Zero was invented by Brahmgupta, an Indian mathematician who lived in the fifth century AD.

He is the inventor of the Hindu-Arabic numeral that became the backbone of the development of mathematics in future.

In symbols: 0 ÷ 0 = "not a number." In time, zero means "now".

For example, when a person is counting down the time to the start of something, such as a foot race or when a rocket takes off, the count is: "three, two, one, zero (or go)".

It has made calculations a lot easier for the mathematician which was not possible in the past.

Mathematical evaluations are governed by certain sets of rules only due to the presence of zero in the number system.Some places and countries did not know about a zero, which may have made it harder for those people to do mathematics. There is no year 0.) In India, zero was discovered in the 7th century by mathematician Brhamgupta Over hundreds of years the idea of zero was passed from country to country.From India and Babylon to other places, like Greece, Persia and the Arab world.For example, 2000 can be represented as 2*10^3 in the exponential form.By counting zeros, it is possible to determine the exponents.Providing appropriate weights to the digits: Place value of the digits in the number can only be determined with the help of zero.Two zeros preceding the digit indicate hundreds position while a single zero before the number indicates 10s position however leading zeros do not assign place value to the digits.It is quite useful in the calculation in algebra and arithmetic.Exponents: The exponents in the order of 10 are interrelated to the frequency of zeros in the number.It has helped users to arrive at accurate results without any problem.For instance, the rule says that zero subtracted or added to the number will not bring about any change in the value.


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