Solving Assignment Problem

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He will have to take decision regarding which job should be given to which worker. Each facility or say worker can perform each job, one at a time.

But there should be certain procedure by which assignment should be made so that the profit is maximized or the cost or time is minimized. It maybe noted here that this is a special case of transportation problem when the number of rows is equal to number of columns.

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The total assignment cost will be given by The above definition can be developed into mathematical model as follows: Determine x is either zero or one.

Consider the objective function of minimization type.This table shows the estimated taxi fare for each of five ride requests.Only three of the five ride requests can be filled.Assign salespeople to flights such that the total cost of transportation is minimized.A company has four salespeople who need to travel to key cities around the country.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .2.8211 3.2750 9.2462 6.1243 6.3461 10.7257 11.7922 11.9089 14.7169 4.9987 2.2771 7.5752 6.2434 4.3794 8.4485 11.1792 10.2553 12.5447 15.2037 9.3130 3.7833 17.1539 12.2408 8.7988 20.7211 16.8803 14.5783 6.9004 8.6551 13.1987 1.1267 5.3446 11.3075 5.1888 7.3633 12.3901 8.6703 6.3191 8.7571 5.9455 0.3249 6.0714 8.2173 5.6816 8.3089 13.5530 8.1918 4.7464 12.7818 6.8409 1.4903 14.6652 9.9242 7.3426 11.5682 13.1257 16.8150 5.5702 8.3359 13.4144 0.4796 6.2201 12.2127 13.6699 12.3432 13.7784 8.6461 6.3438 8.8167 5.8858 0.3644 6.1337 20.6072 17.2853 15.6495 16.5444 12.1590 9.6935 13.9562 8.3006 3.8761 to determine whether it is more beneficial for a row or column to remain unmatched.Use this parameter to make matches more or less likely in the algorithm.This table shows the cost for each salesperson to fly to each key city. If a city is missed, then the company loses out on an average revenue gain of ,000.Create a cost matrix to represent the cost of each salesperson flying to each city. To get the maximum number of matches, use a large cost of unassignment (relative to the magnitude of the entries in the cost matrix).


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