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Only comment on things you actually know about the person. You can also call the lawyer to discuss the reference.Who you are Give the reference to the person going to jail. 14 February 2013 The Presiding Magistrate Melbourne Magistrates’ Court Your Honour, [Who you are] My name is Peter Johnson of 1 Temple Court, Keilor Park, architect.

You must also be of good character and not have been in serious trouble with the police before.

Write the character reference so it is formal but speaks honestly about this person.

The court may direct both parties to ´file and serve´ statements on the same date, or for one to file and serve their statement first, and the other to consider this and then file their own statement in response.

It is essential when preparing a statement for Court that it is well structured.

That is why it is important to format the letter properly and make sure that the content of the letter is effective and not detrimental to the defendant's case.

Do not communicate with a judge if you are a party yourself to a criminal trial because it is generally illegal to do so.

HHJ Mostyn said: ´On the facts of this case it is clear to me that supervised contact would only have been appropriate if there was the clearest and most compelling evidence that in some way S's best interests would be jeopardised by unsupervised, normal contact.

Given the terms of the Strasbourg jurisprudence to which I have referred, it is almost as if there is a presumption in favour of normal contact and it is for those who say it is inappropriate to prove by clear evidence why this is so.´ If they are the applicant (the person applying to the court), you can refer to them as ´the Applicant´.

You may believe that what you have to say can impact how a judge approaches the task of sentencing someone you know.

Knowing what to include in your letter and how to say it can determine how effective the letter ends up being.


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