Steps To Chemosynthesis

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Photosynthetic productivity is not great, improve it then what the new methods is unlikely.

Therefore, support systems must be fully autonomous.

Complete regeneration of water and air without dropping over the side of carbon dioxide and hydrogen is technically solvable problem.

People can not eat bacteria directly, so to get the food you want to use simple food chains.

Biomass of bacteria to cultivate fast-growing planktonic crustaceans or micro shrimp.

But the resumption of food products by direct chemical synthesis is impossible.

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Now you want to use self-contained life support system with a biological regeneration of food resources.Life-support systems of the current generation, to reduce the consumption of consumables used multiple, cyclical treatment of water and air.Products coming on board, mostly freeze-dried, diluted with water, restored from the air and waste products.The growth rate of bacteria is very high, and the coefficient of absorption power when hydrogen is much more than plants.The high biological productivity of the bacteria, allows to obtain the required amount of biomass in a small volume without taking specific modules for space crops.As well as fast-growing greens grow in the special micro plantations, they do not occupy much space in contrast to the space greenhouses.Incubators for cultivation of edible crustaceans will weigh no more than a ton and easily placed inside the habitable modules.The presence of such System Works simplify the task of creating habitable planets closest to the bases, and generally do manned expeditions cheaper.Commercialization of this method on Earth can get cheap protein products on an industrial scale. In agriculture, this method allows you to cultivate mushrooms and poultry on a substratum of dry biomass with high efficiency.Shrimp paste is a complete food that can form the basis of the diet for the crew.For a more varied diet for shrimp paste can be grown rapidly growing animals.


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