Steps To Writing A Journal Article Review

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Especially in science research, it's all about the information gathered.If there are critical flaws in this, it's very likely the manuscript will need to be rejected.In other words, if you're going to raise a problem, provide a solution." (Jonathon Halbesleben, Editor of Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology) Editors say, "If a manuscript has many English language and editing issues, please do not try and fix it.

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Of course, you may still decide to reject it following a second reading.

The benchmark for acceptance is whether the manuscript makes a useful contribution to the knowledge base or understanding of the subject matter.

Expect to suggest such amendments - it's rare for a manuscript to pass review with no corrections.

Originality and topicality can only be established in the light of recent authoritative research.

After drafting these two paragraphs, you should be in a position to decide whether this manuscript is seriously flawed and should be rejected (see the next section).

Or whether it is publishable in principle and merits a detailed, careful read through.

When you receive an invitation to peer review, you should be sent a copy of the paper's abstract to help you decide whether you wish to do the review.

Try to respond to invitations promptly - it will prevent delays.

It is also important at this stage to declare any potential Conflict of Interest.

The structure of the review report varies between journals.


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