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The BEC is all about atoms that are closer and less energetic than atoms in a solid. A water molecule is made up of two hydrogen (H) atoms and one oxygen (O) atom.It has the same molecular structure whether it is a gas, liquid, or solid. If the formula of water were to change, that would be a chemical change.You are able to smell the volatile compounds that are mixed in the air around you. If energy is added (increasing the temperature) or if energy is taken away (freezing something), you can create a physical change.

Gases are always around you, but the molecules of a gas are much farther apart than the molecules in a liquid.

If a gas has an odor, you’ll often be able to smell it before you can see it.

Plasma was a new idea when it was identified by William Crookes in 1879.

We also like to talk about the Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC).

Have you ever noticed that you can smell a turkey dinner after it starts to heat up?

As the energy of the molecules inside the turkey heat up, they escape as a gas. Matter only moves from one phase to another by physical means.If you give a liquid water molecule enough energy, it escapes the liquid phase and becomes a gas.The extra energy allows the molecules to change states.Ceramic materials are usually made from soft clay that is heated up and then slowly cooled. However, the helium (He) inside the balloon is a gas.The clay becomes very hard because water (H Plasmas are highly energized gases that have lost their electrons. Hydrogen (H) and helium (He) ions float around the Sun with their electrons moving freely. Helium is a noble gas that has a very low atomic mass. Of course, in extreme environments such as the Sun, no molecule is safe from destruction. Solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, and Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) are different states of matter that have different physical properties. Elements and compounds can move from one state to another when specific physical conditions change.Mass is a measure of the matter in an object while weight is a measure of gravity’s pull on an object. A marble takes up a small volume while a star occupies a large volume.Different states of matter will fill volumes in different ways. There are many other states of matter that exist in extreme environments.Chemical changes occur when the bonds between atoms in a compound are created or destroyed.Generally, the basic chemical structure does not change when there is a physical change.


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