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Homework is practical assignments given by the instructor to be completed outside of class, with the purpose of reinforcing skills learned in the classroom.

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You’ll explore study methods in detail further on and learn important studying skills that will make it easier to stay positive.

Tip #6: Do not procrastinate – Putting off studying until the last minute leaves you with less study time, and puts you in a stressful situation in which it is difficult to recall the material.

We developed this guide to offer tips and strategies for efficient and effective studying.

While students are instructed in many disciplines throughout their elementary and secondary education, most are never really taught how to study.

Many students believe that studying and doing homework are the same thing.

However, they should be approached as two distinct, separate tasks, with different goals that support learning and mastering material.Homework includes answering questions provided by the instructor or from a textbook; participating in online discussions with classmates, and group projects or presentations.Studying refers to time spent reading and processing material, either to review what’s already been covered, or to prepare for future classes.Studying includes creating flashcards, taking detailed notes, making outlines, and reading.To be as successful as possible in college, it’s critical to prioritize homework and studying.Research has shown that there are generally four types of learners – visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.Take some time to reflect on your learning habits, and identify the method(s) that work best for you.By bringing only the materials you need, it will be easier to stay on task.Tip #5: Keep a positive outlook about studying – Many students dread studying, perhaps because they aren’t doing it right or they feel it isn’t helpful to their success. You are expanding your knowledge base and mastering skills that will be valuable in your future career.Although cramming at the last minute can help you get a slightly higher score on a single test, this method won’t help you retain information for the long term.Also, remember that it is more effective and less daunting to study more often for shorter periods of time than to study during one long, exhausting session.


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