Table Assignments Wedding

When guests walk in, they need an easy way to find out what table (or seat, if you so choose) they have been assigned to.

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If we assign seats, how do we decide in what order to place people? We’ve complied a few tips to help clear up some of the confusion and make table assignments less of a chore.

You might be tempted to wait until all the RSVPs come in before you start working on table arrangements. The closer you get to the wedding, the more you need to accomplish.

If you know how many people you’re inviting, it’s possible to estimate the number of guests who will actually show up.

In most cases, approximately 10% – 20% of the people invited won’t attend your wedding.

Most people expect that certain tables are reserved for immediate family and close friends.

Generally, when there are no assignments, we see guests sitting as far away as possible, as if they’re afraid to choose a seat that may be reserved for more immediate family and friends!If you put off making seating assignments, you’ll probably be so stressed that you rush through the task and do a poor job.Go ahead and start organizing your seating in the early stages of planning.It’s likely the venue already has diagrams for pre-set table arrangements that they can provide to you. In fact choosing a venue for your reception is challenging and included services like pre-set table arrangements can be a big help.If you want to find a happy medium between the free-for-all of no table assignments and the rigidity of designating a seat for every person, then you should try assigning tables.” Now, we LOVE laid back here at the Mill, but there are so many benefits to at least assigning TABLES (not specific seats at the tables).It’s so worth it that we encourage ALL of our couples to assign tables! When guests arrive to your reception, they immediately start looking for their table or seat assignment. When there are no table or seat assignments, guests often seem confused and unsure of where they should sit.That is why table assignments and name tag holders for tables as well as our other tips are here to ease the planning of wedding event.One of the most challenging parts of planning a wedding is dealing with table arrangements at the reception.It’s important to make your guests comfortable by meeting their expectations and telling them exactly where to sit. You might have 2 seats at one table, then 3 at another, but nothing with 4!I call it “wedding psychology:” guests just love having their space & knowing where it is! It may seem like you can just set the room with enough seats for all of your RSVP’d guests and let everyone fend for themselves, but this does not always work out! It’s an awkward situation that you don’t want to put your guests in. When choosing your table assignments, you’re bound to find some folks who may not know as many other people coming to your wedding.


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