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This section measures your ability to understand the weighing of different arguments on a particular question or issue.You are given a short paragraph to read, which you are expected to take as true.

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You are presented with a short text containing a set of facts you should consider as true.

Below the text is a statement that could be inferred from the text.

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For example, you may say, "I’ll have the same job in three months," but you would be taking for granted the fact that your workplace won't make you redundant, or that that you won’t decide to quit and explore various other possibilities.

You are asked to choose between the options of assumption made and assumption not made.In this section, you are asked to recognize whether an assumption is justifiable or not.Here you are given a statement followed by an assumption on that statement.Start preparing for critical thinking tests today to ensure your success.Critical thinking, also known as critical reasoning, is the ability to assess a situation and to consider and understand various perspectives, all while acknowledging, extracting, and deciphering facts, opinions, and assumptions.The Cornell Critical Thinking Test is an exam that helps teachers to determine the critical thinking abilities of their students.First developed in 1985 by Robert Ennis of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Jason Millman of Cornell University, the Cornell Critical Thinking Test series offers two levels of testing: level X for grades five through twelve and level Z for grades ten through twelve.Test kits, including software and answer sheets, are available for purchase through the Critical Thinking Co.The Cornell Critical Thinking Test is typically administered in a classroom, and the school will purchase the test.You need to make a judgement on whether this statement is valid or not, based on what you have read.Furthermore, you are asked to evaluate whether the statement is true, probably true, there is insufficient data to determine, probably false, or false.


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