The Authority Of Experience Essays On Buddhism And Psychology

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Blocked by confusion I survive by forging a destiny Through impulsive acts.

Blocked by confusion I survive by forging a destiny Through impulsive acts.Self-consciously I enter situations Where personality unfolds And world impacts On my sensitive soul.From Schopenhauer onwards, Western advocates of Buddhism have been impressed by the compatibility of its teachings with their own way of seeing the world.

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Such identification makes it easier to grasp what otherwise appears amorphous, ambiguous and confusing.

It is not that Buddhism has nothing of interest to say to psychologists, theologians or philosophers.

Just as (following the Buddha痴 example of the blind men and the elephant) we would fail to honor the integrity of an elephant if we identify it with either its trunk, its legs or its tail.

To think of "Buddhism" as a transnational and transethnic culture of awakening forces us to compare it with Western culture rather than with any one of Western culture's many aspects.

They assume what they call "Buddhism" to be a religion, broadly comparable to what we understand by the word "religion" in the West.

The Authority Of Experience Essays On Buddhism And Psychology

Such assumptions are difficult to weed out once they have taken root.

From a wide range of available canonical materials we tend to choose only those texts that confirm what we are already predisposed to find there.

Given the prevailing interest in psychology, translators translate, writers write and publishers publish texts that affirm the pre-eminence of psychological insight in Buddhism.

It was coined by Western scholars in the 19th century in order to describe the diverse views and practices found through Asia that trace themselves to the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama.

Scholars likewise regard as normative the institutional structures such as monasteries and temples common in Asian societies.


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