The Scarlet Ibis Essay

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Doodle is associated with winged and divine beings, just as the bird is literally a winged creature.

Both boy and bird are characterized by sacred imagery.

The reader sees this when thebird dies and, “a white veil comes over the eyes and…..

even death does not mark it grace, for it lay on the earth like a broken vase of red flowers, and the family stands around it, awed by its exotic beauty”.

It could be argued that both are symbolically linked with Christ.

One example of the symbol in the story that represents two different emotions at the same time would be the Scarlet Ibis itself.Like the ibis, he does not thrive in the environment in which he finds himself: he is delicate, sickly, and fragile.But while the ibis’s beauty is obvious to Doodle, Doodle’s beauty of spirit is hidden inside an unattractive exterior; thus, the bird externalizes Doodle’s inner nature.Even through the bird’s death exhibits a sort of sadness, as dies all death, it also reveals a type of beauty.This parallels Doodle’s death because not only does he look like Ibis when he dies, but he also gives the reader a sense of beauty along with the sorrow and pain; although his life is short, his accomplishments are great.The memory of the ibis’s visit triggers the memory or Doodle in the brother’s mind.The link between the ibis and Doodle develops later in the story, when the ibis arrives, being described in detail.The main feature Hurst uses in short stories is Scarlet Ibis itself; it is similar to Doodle in many ways.This bird, Scarlet Ibis is not the only symbol drawn in this story, but in the red ibis hotel the red color is called death many times.A native of the South American tropics, the scarlet ibis is vivid red.Its color derives from the shrimps that form the bulk of its diet; if there are no shrimps, it loses its color.


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