Thesis Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Thesis Proposal Evaluation Criteria-80
The I-710 Alternatives Analysis was undertaken for this reason.

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EIRs and regional planning efforts typically require examination of alternatives or consid- eration of new technologies.

Analysts and planners must, therefore, evaluate the readiness and applicability of container transport alternatives, even if funds are not being committed at that time.

The expectation, however, is that candidate proposals for demonstration funding will have shown sufficient promise in the research and development Proposed Evaluation Method 51 phase to be considered.

Criteria are likely to be more stringent and quantified and include factors such as the potential for commercial success and integration with existing facilities.

Different technologies may be evaluated, but the method should be system-oriented.

Thesis Proposal Evaluation Criteria

• The method should be usable by a wide variety of organizationally and geographically diverse project sponsors.

The purpose may be expressed as a problem to be solved, specific realistic objectives to be achieved, or an advantageous direction in which to progress. Given the current (2014) state of technological readiness and system development, evaluation of advanced fixed-guideway systems is largely at the “wish list” stage. The nature and depth of the analysis varies from pass/fail screening against minimum criteria to sophisticated monetization of otherwise disparate performance factors.

C H A P T E R 4 Proposed Evaluation Method 50 Evaluating Alternatives for Landside Transport of Ocean Containers • Evaluating and choosing.

Research and development efforts might be supported by government grants, port authority funds, a private-sector institution, or private investors.

In each case, the evaluators are typically looking for promising concepts or ideas, rather than finished solutions or implementable systems. The evaluations are likely to focus on screening or qualification for funding rather than on demonstrated performance.


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