Thesis Statement About Love In Romeo And Juliet

Thesis Statement About Love In Romeo And Juliet-2
His works are unique, sometimes perplexing yet they are worth-reading.

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To Lady Capulet, love is based on wealth, fame and power.

Together with her husband, they want their daughter Juliet to be married to Paris, because he has all three “instruments of love” as he is the Prince’s kin. He does not take it kindly when Juliet claims that she does not want to marry Paris and even threatens to disown her. He thinks he can command his way into Juliet’s heart when he tells her that she loves him.

She tells him that: Mercutio’s statement that “If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark” (Act 2 Scene 1) summarizes the position of the two lovebirds perfectly.

They know no one from their family will consent to their union, so they do everything in secrecy.

As a result of series of unfortunate events, they are forced to commit suicide.

Other characters in the play have their own notion of what love is.But it is not so for Romeo, he approaches her and quickly wins her heart with his romantic words.He equates her to a saint and himself to a sinner, upon which her kiss would redeem him from his sins: Juliet is also mesmerized by her love for Romeo.While there is a thin line between love and hate, the fact is that the two represent the polar opposite of each other.These two characters illustrate the dangers of embracing love fully, without reason.He incessantly talks about queens, kings, paupers and those all people in between.Aside from these, Shakespeare also talks about jealousy, good and bad luck, love, ambition, success, incest, life and death, pain, ghosts, mistaken identity, laughter, family relationships and many more.First it is the marriage, then the consummation in her room and lastly, her faked death in order to elope with Romeo, who had just been exiled.Things do not go their way, because blind love can never hit its mark.While at the party, he meets Juliet for the first time and he is blown away by her beauty.As a result, he forgets Rosaline, which reveals that his has nothing but infatuation for both ladies.


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