Uchicago College Essay Prompts

Do any of them strike you immediately as interesting or get you excited and thinking?Eliminate any prompts that don't excite you and then brainstorm how you'd approach the remaining prompts.

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You're applying to colleges, so you might think you should talk about yourself and your extra-curricular activities, like in a typical personal statement. It seems obvious, but be sure you're answering the essay question!

For example, if I were writing Essay Question #3, I would make sure I've answered all three parts of the question, so ultimately, the admissions officer would have an idea of what I think history is, who "they" are, and what "they" aren't telling us.

Be detailed and thoughtful about each part of your argument or story.

For example, if I answered Essay Question #4, I might write from the perspective of the mantis shrimp about how he sees the world, or tell the story of a scientist who creates mantis shrimp "goggles" and sees the world for the first time like a shrimp. you can (and should) sneak in things that are important to you, too!

I've included an example with each tip to show you how I'd approach the prompts.

You have five essay options or the chance to make your own topic.If any of these interest you, explain why you think UChicago's flag grants, for example, would help you get a head start on your future research and career goals. Because you're quirky, you love to learn, you spend way too much time falling through the rabbit hole that is Wikipedia, you want to learn Econ from the masters, you...Let your sincere feelings about the college shine through!Unless you have a really creative idea, pick one of the five set prompts.Read through all the essay prompts before picking one.The strongest essays will tell a clear story or develop an argument with evidence.The admissions officers will be learning about you by seeing how you construct this argument or how you incorporate characters and language to tell your story.The UChicago supplemental essays might throw you off at first.The questions are strange, quirky, thought-provoking, and definitely daunting.Remember though, it's more important to make a strong argument with clear thoughts than to write about every sport you've ever played or every place you've traveled.For example, if I were writing Essay Question #2, I might write about how "I am I and I am my thoughts" and reflect philosophically (maybe include thoughts from philosophers), because I love philosophy (and wanted to study that at UChicago -- and did).


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