Undergraduate Chemistry Thesis

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Students are required to complete the Honors in Chemistry Form and submit it to Dr.

Lindsay Comstock no later than end of the semester prior to the student’s final semester.

The list of approved electives includes courses in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, Computer Science, Education, Environmental Science, Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Polymer Chemistry, Science and Technology studies, and Statistics.

Individualized Curriculum Checklist Honors Curriculum and Honors Accelerated Checklist The department awards Latin Honors to students who have distinguished themselves in research, coursework, or a combination of the two.

Approximately one-third of our chemistry majors are double majors.

Recent examples of the second major include Astrophysics, Biology, Economics, Government, Neurobiology and Behavior, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology.

For the Senior Honors Thesis courses 681 and 682, you must enroll in a combination of 6 credits, with a minimum of 2 credits per semester. For the Senior Thesis courses 691 and 692, you must enroll in a minimum of 4 credits (2 credits each for 691 and 692). When you receive your enrollment permission for 681/682 and 691/692 you will receive a document with thesis guidelines.

If you would like to see these guidelines earlier please contact the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Office.

The completed Honors Thesis should be submitted to the research adviser at least one week prior to being presented to the Honors Committee.

The committee must then have an additional week to read the thesis before the thesis defense.


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