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University Of Michigan Supplement Essay 2012-24
Combining his interests in German, Film, and Cultural Studies, he has published articles in New German Critique, October, Screen, Cultural Critique, Cinema Journal, Germanic Review and other journals, as well as in numerous edited volumes in the U. Professor von Moltke currently serves as the Vice President of the German Studies Association, and he is a board member of the American Friends of Marbach.At Michigan, he has served as the organizer of the biannual German Film Institute.

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How has your community benefited from this commitment?

For students interested in earning a MD/Ph D, UMMS has a Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Program.

Critical Theory in “Postcritical” Times In this project, I pursue a series of linked investigations into the place of Critical Theory in the present.

Each inquiry is prompted by a specific constellation in which the work of the Frankfurt School figures either historically or conceptually in relation to the current media, political, and academic landscape.

Instead of the above, briefly describe why you decided to apply to the University of Michigan MSTP.

If you are interested in a specific department, program, or area of research for your Ph D, please provide a brief explanation (we recognize that your interests may change).This is a common general question on secondary applications; the response that you develop for this essay can be adapted for other applications.An effective response to this question will provide an overview of the diverse talents and interests that you will share with the UMMS community.One such constellation arises from the alt-right’s (ab)use of critical theory in its ostensible critique of „cultural Marxism.“ Taking seriously the mediated cultural formation of the alt-right, I first reconstruct the appropriation of critical theory as an internet meme before turning to the historical work of critical theory itself to analyze that meme’s fascist cultural logics.A second constellation derives from current populist and authoritarian trends in Europe and North America, which I read in light of critical theory’s historical analyses of propaganda.Moltke's work on Kracauer has also led to the publication of essays by and about this key cultural critic, respectively: together with Gerd Gemünden (Dartmouth College), von Moltke assembled an interdisciplinary anthology of essays entitled Culture in the Anteroom: The Legacies of Siegfried Kracauer (University of Michigan Press, 2012); and together with Kristy Rawson, who received her Ph D in Screen Arts & Cultures at Michigan, he compiled Siegfried Kracauer's American Writings: Essays on Film and Popular Culture (University of California Press, 2012).A further anthology, Siegfried Kracauers Grenzgänge: Zur Rettung des Realen, co-edited with Helmut Lethen and Sabine Biebl, is forthcoming from Campus Verlag.This essay response will require that you complete significant research on the history and structure of the MSTP program and curriculum.After reading their web pages, what features of the program stand out in your mind?After reviewing a complete list of their departments, what areas interest you?Have you completed research or a degree in any of these fields?


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