Violent Cartoons Essay

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These aggressive characters may easily turn into role models.

Without the supervision of the parents, who will explain the difference between reality and fiction (which is not always the case since they are usually busy and prefer to leave the kids in front of the TV), children can use cartoons as a substitute for real life.

After detailed research it was found the seizures were caused by flashing red and blue lights which appeared in 38th episode of Pokémon, which children watched that night.

The episode was never commercially released or re-broadcast anywhere in the world, as it was banned by the Japanese government. For example, it is obvious that there is nothing good in sitting all day in front of the TV, watching cartoons.

This can only weaken kids’ eye sight, or may lead to spine curvature disorders.

Lack of physical activity also creates problems with obesity.

After the episode on TV (or VHS) was over, I used to play with these toys imagining how Man-at-Arms fights against Skeleton and destroys his army, or how villain Hordak attacks Castle Grayskull on the planet Eternia. However, this does not mean that they are always good for us. Therefore, it might be useful to check out the “dark side” of this illustrated visual art, as some define cartoons. Throwing a grand piano on someone’s head, gunshots, explosives in someone’s hand or mouth, and the loud explosion that follows, all of these are subliminal or quite direct messages depicting violence that flow into children’s minds.

Many Saturday and Sunday mornings I also spent watching Disney animated feature films, like Beauty and the Beast (a monster winning heart of a beauty after so many troubles), The Sword in the Stone (battle of wizards), Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (I have always feared this ugly evil witch and her poisonous apple might go after me while sleeping). Leonardo, one of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the blue one), viciously beats up and destroys the army of evil Krang. Kids absorb these scenes like a sponge and accept violence as something quite normal and common.

Children who have televisions in their own rooms are vulnerable to watch shows their parents may not approve of; it is unlikely the parent will be viewing with his or her child at all times in their bedroom.

Evidence from the Parents Television Council emphasized the fact that 44% of youth who were involved in a survey had results saying they watch something different when they are alone than with their parents (1).


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