Walking Thoreau Essay

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I feel like I need to read more of Thoreau's work (and maybe argue with him a little more) before I completely understand what he was all about.

But I did like the final sentence in this essay (well, I would have said Universe instead of Holy Land, but I guess I am still in a debating mood!

He wanted people to connect with the Wild, which is even harder to do these days than in his own, especially depending on where a person lives.

In this particular corner of Mexico, there is not really too much empty space, not like in the vast deserts of Arizona where I used to live.

I usually travel by bicycle, but recently had my doubts about of its value over my life and limb.

Last month a car, which was behind me, ran a stop sign and ran over the rear end of my bike, with me on it.

A few weeks later an angry driver ran a stop sign, I picked this little book up the other day with reason.

A few weeks later an angry driver ran a stop sign, almost hit me, then turned around and chased me. Their main job it appears is writing reports for insurance companies rather than law enforcement.

The more I read the news these days, the less I see that vision developing. Because you cannot have both on the same plot of ground. And the more people who venture into the wild, the less wild it becomes, even if you are just walking along ruminating.

I began to get a little confused when after all of this admiration for the Wild, he then says this: The weapons with which we have gained our most important victories, which should be handed down as heirlooms from father to son, are not the sword and the lance, but the bushwhack, the turf-cutter, the spade, and the bog hoe, rusted with the blood of many a meadow, and begrimed with the dust of many a hard-fought field. Later he talks about watching some cows playing in a field, acting Wild. But in the very next paragraph I rejoice that horses and steers have to be broken before they can be made the slaves of men, and that men themselves have some wild oats still left to sow before they become submissive members of society. Or that it must be beaten out of both animals and men?


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