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Water Cycle Essay Rubric-86
Read more about the energy diagram and the benefits of its use.The content in this unit aligns well with Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas and Crosscutting Concepts in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): Students work in groups of three or four to read and answer questions on the worksheets.Materials for the demonstration: Provenance: Anne Egger, Central Washington University Reuse: This item is offered under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike license You may reuse this item for non-commercial purposes as long as you provide attribution and offer any derivative works under a similar license.

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Once students have been guided to a particular point of understanding, they are asked to write down their thoughts and share them with the rest of the class.

One effective way to do this is with small, portable whiteboards.

Humans depend on Earth’s land, ocean, atmosphere, and biosphere for many different resources.

Minerals, fresh water, and biosphere resources are limited, and many are not renewable or replaceable over human lifetimes.

In a liquid, the molecules are constantly in contact with others; in a gas, they are widely spaced except when they happen to collide.

In a solid, atoms are closely spaced and may vibrate in position but do not change relative locations.

After watching the video, prompt students to answer the following questions, given on page 4 of their handout: After students have had a chance to answer these questions on their own, you can lead a short discussion in which they share their responses with the class.

The hydrologic cycle is a conceptual model that illustrates the flow of matter (water) as it moves between Earth systems by energy that is ultimately derived from the Sun.

This facilitated discussion is where much of the learning takes place or is solidified.

The role of the teacher is to facilitate, and to try to avoid directly providing answers.


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