Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Ability Test

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While a greater pool of eligible candidates may sound like a blessing for employers, it has also made the employment process a lot more tedious.

The test is available in English (British and American), French, Dutch, and Spanish making it widely available and widely accepted.

The test is internationally available and is used by a large number of corporations and educational institutions to assess prospective employees and students.

The person should be able to separate the facts of the scenario from personal opinions and assumptions.

Critical thinking has become an essential skill required by most job roles today.

Assessments have been tailored for numerous businesses including healthcare organizations; science, engineering and law firms; military and government branches.

Additionally, there are assessments used by educators at every level, K through post-graduate.

The Watson-Glaser Test has five sections, each of which tests different abilities.

The sections are outlined below: The exam adheres to the RED model of evaluating critical thinking (Recognizing assumptions, Evaluating arguments, and Drawing conclusions).

Call or contact us to design solutions that integrate with your goals toward advancing critical thinking.

Saturated is one of the many words used to describe the job market in 2018.


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