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---------- Check linkedin, powerlinx, freelancer, feverr Hi there! Before i went into the business side i was a front-end developer.I am currently part of various tech , business and entrepreneurs communities.

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When I look up jobs for "Entry level" they require 2-4 years experience.

My plan is to take courses and build a nice portfolio and then just go to technology Meetups and network with others and pass out my cards with my portfolio on them. I have no contacts who can give me a shot - I'm on my own in this.

Your plan is right , take all the courses you can, build a nice portfolio , just a small change , don't wait to do all this before attending technology Meet-ups, the tech community is always willing to help others, introduce yourself , say what you're looking for and there is a great change that the will help you.

If you want some help developing your personal brand, i will gladly help you with that.

I'm interested in web development, but I have no experience.

I want to work under a senior person doing the grunt work he doesn't want to do, so I can learn and get better and better, but I don't know how to find a job like this.

Good luck getting started, this is totally a career path you can achieve!

As an emerging career in recent years, Word Press developers enjoy numerous work opportunities.

Web Developers are responsible for creating websites that are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing to the user.

The typical work activities of a Web Developer include back-end tasks such as developing databases, writing and testing code for website functions, troubleshooting code in existing features and brainstorming new features based on user feedback.


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