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Lambda is also used with Amazon Cloud Watch (Cloud Watch) to monitor Senao’s new CRM system.

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Aloysius Chang, Dev Sec Ops manager at Senao, was hired to spearhead the project.

The company was also experiencing high volumes of downtime with its customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Today the e-commerce site has about 10,000 visits per month and brings in about 20 percent of total revenue.

Although it is not a primary driver of business, the site serves Senao’s business goal of “online to offline,” encouraging people to visit its stores to boost transaction volume.

“When one instance or one machine would shut down, our whole CRM system wouldn’t be of service to other systems,” says Chang.

With downtime often approaching one week, Senao was ready to migrate the system to a new solution with high availability.Chang, who came to Senao with prior experience using Amazon Web Services (AWS), immediately recommended the AWS Cloud to quickly launch the e-commerce site.He had the support of key executives, namely the company president and department vice president, who recognized the advantage of cloud architecture in reducing time-to-market.Pfizer has now set up an instance of the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to provide a secure environment with which to carry out computations for research and development.The VPC has enabled Pfizer to respond to these challenges by providing the means to compute beyond the capacity of the dedicated computing systems, which provides answers in a timely manner.Nearly all of Senao’s competitors already had an online sales platform, so the company wanted to launch something quickly with minimal discussion time and cost outlay.The new system had to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and credit card data required encryption.Chang admits that before AWS, Senao lacked strong security protocols, making the firm vulnerable to intrusions.Now, AWS WAF helps protect company websites and the POS system, and all customer data is encrypted using AWS KMS.They made training resources available to the IT team, who were initially reluctant to switch to the cloud, to help them become familiar with AWS architecture.The team attended monthly workshops held in their region, and the AWS account rep organized a dedicated, one-day, on-premises training session.


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