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Roosa Sandell: "The famous top 1%: The evolution of income composition and socioeconomic structure of top incomes across OECD countries" Place SH368 30.11. Elina Kilpi-Jakonen: "Bilingualism and socioeconomic attainment among children of immigrants" Place SH368 Note! Late changes will be broadcasted through the TCWR mailing list. Class-based interplay of active labor market policies and opinions about the unemployed. Samuel Piha: Exploring the 'unmentionables': What are the determinants of buying sex toys? Joonas Ollonqvist: Decomposition of Income Inequality: Analyses for Finland, 1993-2011. Johanna Kallio, Hanna Wass, Hannu Lahtinen: Political Orientation and Class among Professionals in Social and Diaconal Work in Finland. Ilari Ilmakunnas, Pasi Moisio: Social Assistance Trajectories Among Young Finnish Social Assistance Recipients – What Are The Determinants Of Welfare Dependency? Leif Nordberg: Tulot, onnellisuus ja hyvinvointi 19.5.

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Patricia Mc Mullin: The decomposition of social origin in early childhood development in Ireland 2.12.

Esa Karonen: Sukupolvinen taloudellinen eriarvoisuus elinkaarinäkökulmasta Spring 2016 29.2.

There are also some lectures, which are held by visiting scholars. Joonas Uotinen: "Koetun hyvinvoinnin ulottuvuuksien tärkeysjärjestykseen laittaminen itsemurhien avulla" Place SH368 21.9.

Outi Sirniö & Aleksi Karhula: "Ylisukupolvinen eriarvoisuus Suomessa: poikkitieteellinen katsaus tutkimuksiin" Place SH368 5.10.Anneli Miettinen & Marika Jalovaara: Labour market attachment and transition to parenthood among young adults in Finland: Are there educational differences? Teemu Vauhkonen: Huono-osaisuuden ylisukupolvinen periytyminen Suomessa 30.10. Ismo Kantola: Comparing engineers in Germany and Finland 4.12.Aleksi Karhula & Hannu Lehti: Two biosociological presentations: Aleksi Karhula & Ohto Kanniainen: This is a man’s world? Pekka Räsänen, Aki Koivula ja Arttu Saarinen: Political orientation. Fall 2015 23.1 Jani Erola, Elina Kilpi-Jakonen, Hannu Lehti, Irene Prix: For Better or for Worse, for Nephew or for Nieces?Sanni Jalonen, Sanna Kailaheimo: Does the cause of parental death matter for children’s education 21.10.Outi Sarpila: Physical appearance as an asset – gender-specific norms 4.11.Most of the papers fit under the labels of economics, sociology, demography, and statistics. They receive only limited review, and copyright is held by the author(s).When the paper is published as a journal article, the working paper is usually removed from the WPSEI site. If you’d like your paper to appear in the series, contact the Editor.Teemu Vauhkonen: Regional Accumulation of Social Disadvantages 8.4.Marika Jalovaara & Anette Fasang: Family Pathways, Gender and Mid-Life Earnings 22.4.- Heterogeneous Effects of Parental Unemployment and Children’s Educational Achievement 23.9.Teemu Vauhkonen: Urban unhappiness in Finland 7.10.


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